Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The First Kids Business Fair

These are some fun pictures from the Frazier family. They worked so hard! Here is what Audrey had to say about the event: "The Entrepreneur Fair was so great, Tammy! Thanks just doesn't seem enough for all you did so close to delivering a new baby. Amazing! Every member of my family participated and it was good for us all. I kept thinking, "This is so good. This is so right. This is the perfect thing for us to be doing." It reminded me of my feelings while at the homeschool conference last weekend. For some reason, two separate people asked if I were in charge and when I said no, wanted to know WHO the organizer was. They raved about the entire thing and were surprised, awed, moved, and inspired. It really was a sweet sight to behold! I wanted to buy more than I did. There were so many genuinely talented kids with valuable products to offer. (Maybe those kids could try selling at the Cache Valley Gardner's Market. Last year it was only $1 for a card table size spot for kids.) We learned so much and look forward to another opportunity like this!"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The First Fair was a Great Success!

We had about 50 tables or "spots" set up and it was great! We were well attended with great traffic. We only had about 3-4 weeks to put this whole thing together and it came together wonderfully. We had about 30 large posters with balloons plastering the whole area. We had 4 simple newspaper ads. Most of the advertising was done by word of mouth and online. I am not sure what the numbers were exactly, but estimates so far have been right around 200-300? The kids were creative, outgoing, and ambitious. I know that many times the 4 ft walkways were so congested it was easier to turn around and continue looking the other way. I was very impressed with all of the kids. It is obvious that a lot of thought, preparation and hard work went into their projects. I, myself, had a lot of fun shopping and seeing what the other children had come up with. I know there were several who SOLD OUT! That is astonishing as it was ONLY a 2 hour event! If you attended, I would certainly appreciate and love feedback so we can make the next one even better! I would also love to have some pictures to post. You can email them to me at wcheftammy@msn.com I hope that all who participated felt that it was worth their efforts and that the kids learned from their experiences.